Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monogram Styles

What will your monogram look like?  It's hard to say exactly because all monograms are different in the way the letters work together.  Here are a few photos of our two best-selling monogram styles.  The charts will give you a general idea of we will design your monogram jewelry.


While this is one of our two top selling monogram styles, I must warn you---there are a couple letters that just don't make me do cartwheels.   In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that at my age, I don't do any gymnastics anymore, but I digress...  If the first letter of your name begins with a D, J or an L, please note they are as shown and can come out a little wonky.  I've made thousands of monogram necklaces and have yet to figure out a way to make these letters look any different (or better) than they do below.  I use "bars" to connect my circle monograms almost all the time.  Bars are my preferred look for circle monograms.   In some cases, such as when the letters F, L, T or Y begins a monogram, I may use a circle connector.  I will always design the one I think looks best for you.


Definitely one of our best-selling monogram styles.  Please note I's and J's look very similar.  This is a style you just can't go wrong with.  All of the letters are just beautiful and join together perfectly.  I do use connectors to make the charms more secure and stronger.  

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